Carol Emig Coulson

Profile Updated: December 2, 2016
Carol Emig
Residing In: St. Louis, MO USA
Spouse/Partner: Michael Coulson
Occupation: Psychotherapist
Children: Daughter Kelly born 1978 married to Joe

Grandsons: Joey, born 2009, Jimi, born 2012 and Tommy, More…born 2016.
Carol Emig


Yes! Attending Reunion

Graduated from Saint Louis University, BA in Psychology

I married Michael Coulson in 1973. We've celebrated our 44rd wedding anniversary in February of this year (2016). I find it interesting that growing up, I was one of few children whose parents were divorced. I think I learned from my father who not to choose to be my husband. And I feel very lucky to be married to Michael.

Worked at Southwestern Bell 21 years - Typist, Superviosr, Computer Programmer - Assembler Language, System's Analyst, Project Manager - took early retirement in 1991

Renovated house on National Historic Register, built in 1874,in Lafayette Square, St. Louis, MO, which is where we lived until our daughter, Kelly was 16 years old. We then moved to St. Louis county where we currently live. Kelly, Michael and I love to ski and we had many ski trips, mostly to Colorado to ski. Kelly ended up going to college in Denver at Regis University, so we had many additional trips to Colorado. Luckily, Kelly and Joe moved back to St. Louis from Colorado. They live near-by with their 2 sons.

Graduated Washington University in St. Louis, Brown School - Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work

Currently in Private Practice specializing in PTSD, certified in EMDR. I work 4 days per week and spend Thursdays taking care of my 2 grandsons Joey aged 5 and Jimi aged 2. I really can't call it a day off, but it is a lot of fun.

School Story:

Elissa Feickert Feldmeyer and me in student Driver's training - me behind the wheel - with Coach Frala. Wasn't he a great coach? Coach Frala had one major rule - the student not driving sat in the back seat and did not talk or distract the driver. The driver paid attention to the road and did not talk to the person in the back seat while driving. Elissa was in the back seat. I was driving. Coach Frala was adjusting the radio to find a better station. We were on East B or D Street - I don't remember - heading towards a railroad crossing. There were no lights, switches, bars - just the railroad tracks. A train was coming down the tracks. I was closer to the crossing than the train was so I figured I'd keep going. In the rear-view mirror I could see Elissa waiving her hands and pointing to the train. I nodded my head and kept going. I continued to go - after all, I was closer to the crossing. The train, however, seemed to be traveling a bit faster - maybe a lot faster than I was. In the rear-view mirror I saw Elissa throw up her hands and fall to the floor. I pushed on the gas and we made it across the tracks seconds before the train roared by. Elissa pulled herself up from behind the seat rolling her eyes. Coach Frala threw up his hands saying "Ah yes, Sassy Sara Vaughn!"
Coach Frala has probably saved my life 3 or 4 times with the advice:
"When in doubt, don't".

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Our 5th grade teacher was Mrs. Fischer. I remember Mrs. Fischer being fairly strict. But I think she was a good teacher.