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 Welcome BTHS Class of 1962
We are glad that you are here

This site was created  to re-connect the Class of 1962.  Feel free to call this “our class website”. 

Our class website is free to members of the BTHS Class of 1962.  The website's paid subscription has been extended through February of 2023.  Classmates will never be asked to pay to set up a profile or pay to have unrestricted access to this site.

For the privacy of our classmates, only registered members who are logged in have access to most of the contents of this website.  We ask that you help us maintain a positive, friendly and respectful attitude.  This site is set up as a social website.  The more you tell about yourself, the more other members will interact with you.

If this is your FIRST TIME HERE, you will need to register.  To register, you will create a profile by answering a series of questions. Most questions are optional.  The ones you answer will be displayed in your profile.  You can change your profile at any time and you can upload photos and YouTube videos to your profile.

Please read this entire page before you begin.  It is important that you understand how secure your information is and what to do if you forget your password.

Setting Up Your Profile

1.  Click on Classmate Profiles on the top row of links on the homepage.

2.  Find and click on your name to open the Join Here page.  (If  you do not find your name, please follow the instructions below.)

3.  Click on the link and complete the subsequent pages.

4.  Be sure to click SAVE at the bottom of  your profile before you leave the page.

Try not to hit the back arrow at the top of your browser while registering.  If you do so and you have already established a password, then log in as a member and edit your profile from the Edit Profile link on the left side of the home page.  You might have to start over if the password was not saved.

Problem?  Use the e-mail form through the Contact Us link.

Once you have completed your registration, you can view the profiles of other registered classmates.

Didn’t find your name and believe that you should be listed?

This website is for members of the BTHS Class of 1962.

If you believe that you are a member of this class, but you are not listed on the Classmate Profiles page, please send a message through the Contact Us link.  Your message must include your name (women, be sure to include your maiden name), telephone number and detailed information as to why you believe you are a member of this class.  Submitting this information does not guarantee access to the site.  If this information is not provided, your request will not be approved.

Falsely joining our site using a non-registered Classmate's name is known as "hijacking".  Effective immediately, the website administrator reserves the right to verify any and all information provided and to request additional information.   Once your identity has been verified, your name will appear on the Classmate Profiles page.  When you have set up your profile page using the steps above, you will be able to access the entire site.

Information We Want You To Know

Your Private Information:  If you check the Profile Visibility box near the bottom of your Edit Profile page, the information in your profile will not be visible to the public or search engines.  It is strongly recommended that you check this box.  Your fellow classmates will be able to view your birthday information only if you check the box in your profile setup giving them permission to do so.  Only include information that you are comfortable sharing and know that you can change your profile at any time.  Should you choose not to check the box to share with fellow classmates, the website administrator will not give your contact information to other classmates without your permission.

Secondary E-mail Address:  Occasionally, e-mail providers decide that classmate communications from our website are SPAM.  E-mail addresses that have been impacted in the past include att.net, bellsouth.net, ameritech.net, prodigy.net and cox.net.  

If you only provided one e-mail address on your CONTACT INFORMATION page and e-mails to your primary e-mail address are blocked, you will not receive any of the notices from our website.  We recommend that you create a secondary e-mail address (perhaps from gmail.com or yahoo.com) and if you want, set it up to forward messages to your primary e-mail address.  Your secondary e-mail address can be set up by clicking on the EDIT CONTACT INFO button on the left side of the page. 

Mobile Phone Numbers:  It is recommended that you provide your mobile phone number.  If you are attending any reunion event, it may be necessary to contact you with last minute information prior to or during an event. 

Your Password:  If you forget your password, click on “Forgot Password?” in the upper right corner of the home page, enter your e-mail address and the site will send you an e-mail with your log-in information.  Please note that the website administrator does not have access to your password, so please do not use the Contact Us link to request your password.  However, if you forget which e-mail address you used to log in to the website, the site administrator does have that information, so you can use the “Contact Us” link and you will receive that information in a timely manner.

Notify Me:  A new feature has been added to our class website called Notify Me. It replaces the former Profile Subscriptions function.  All Classmates you were previously following are still present on the new Notify Me page.  In addition you will find a variety of new options to allow you to interact with our site exactly the way you wish.  You can now receive notifications by e-mail when any of the following events happen on our site:

  • You receive a new personal message
  • Someone leaves a comment on your profile
  • Pictures have been added to a photo gallery
  • A new response is posted in the Message Forum
  • A new reunion or event is being planned
  • A new announcement has been posted
  • A survey receives new responses
  • A new Classmate joins the site
  • Two or more people are in Live Chat
  • Pages on the site have been added or updated
  • A Missing Classmate has been found
  • A Classmate has been added to In Memory
  • A Classmate posts an In Memory comment
  • An administrator sends an e-mail to all Classmates

In addition, you can subscribe to individual Classmate profiles and be notified when:

  • A subscribed Classmate profile is updated
  • A subscribed Classmate has an upcoming birthday

Yearbook Photos:  Your yearbook photo was added by the website administrator.   If your profile does not include a photo, it was not in the senior yearbook.

Time Zone:  By default, all time stamps on the site are shown as Central time as that is the time zone for our school and most classmates.  However, if you live in a different time zone, it is recommended that you change it at the bottom of the Edit Profile page so that all time stamps will indicate the time in your location.

Interacting On Our Website

Classmate Profiles:  Check these frequently to see what your friends from our school days are doing.  At the bottom of each profile, you have the ability to send your classmate a private message

Message Center:  Reconnect with a classmate by sending and receiving private e-mail messages rather than using you own personal e-mail.  The first message begins at the link below the photograph in the upper left corner of the classmate’s profile and then all subsequent responses are sent and read through the website’s message center.  These messages cannot be viewed by other classmates or the website administrators.

Message Forum:  Ask any questions or post any information that you think would be of interest for all classmates to see.  There is no specific structure, agenda or topic, so join in.

Classmate Forums:  Although they can be read by all, these forums are ideal for classmates to discuss topics of specific interest, plan local gatherings,  post jokes, insert YouTube videos and much more.

Live Chat:  Join other classmates in an on-line group (written) conversation.  Set a time to meet or just drop in when you see a number at the end of the Live Chat link.

Instant Messaging (IM):  Chat privately with a classmate on the spur of the moment.  When this feature is turned on, a red box will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen indicating how many members are online.  Click on the up arrow to display the name(s).  If you want to IM anyone,  click on the name and a dialog box will appear.  Type your message in the bottom box and click on SEND.  Caution:  Hitting ENTER on your keyboard is the same as clicking on SEND, so do not try to start a new paragraph.

If there is no red box in the lower right corner, click on the Turn on IM link under Member Functions.  If that link does not appear under Member Functions, then check the Instant Messages box at the bottom of your Edit Profile page.

Polls:  On occasion, there may be a poll on the right side of the Home Page.  Your answers are anonymous.