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Deanna Lancey Clayton

Deanna Lancey
Residing In: North Myrtle Beach, SC USA

I seem be listed as one of the "missing". Let me assure you Deanna Lynn Lancey, now Clayton, is alive and well in Myrtle Beach, SC, playing golf every chance she gets -- sometimes in the 90's, and sometimes in the 80's, just not consistent with the game. ( I love the game).

Loving her 8 grandchildren, (5 by my daughter's second husband, three from my daughter and her first husband) and 14 great grandchildren.

Going to the mountains, riding horseback on my daughter and her husband's horse farm. (They raise registered paints - if you get time, look up their website, www.chadifarm.com.)

Just heard they bought two draft horses from Ireland and a carriage to provide carriage rides in the mountains in addition to their trail rides and cabins, now they have to go to carriage driving school; some adult in this family is always going to some kind of school.

It's a great mountain vacation spot: up and down the mountains and back to sea level. Gotta love it. We have a Smoky Mountain Xmas every year.

Grandma D (me) makes cookies, bread, and baked goods every day -- smelling up their nice-sized country kitchen daily with fresh-baked aromas -- with little ones and the big ones at the breakfast bar to hand out cookie dough, lick the bowls, or just good hot-out-of-the-oven stuff.