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Linda Drysdale Grimes

Linda Drysdale
Residing In: Springfield, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Don


Met my husband, Don, when he was stationed at SAFB. He happened to be my sister's boss. Met him at church. The rest is history.

We have one son, 29 now. He does cement construction, generally highway work. Gives you a whole new appreciation for the "slow down" signs. He is a good hard worker and we are so proud of him. He married a local girl, they live in the same city as us. She works for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I'm still waiting to be "grandma."

I am the Administrative Secretary for the Chief Public Defender of Sangamon County. My work is NEVER dull. By listening to the news at night, I know what my next day will bring. The work teaches me that life is not equal to all, and it gives me a great appreciation for my own life.

I have two greyhounds (one a retired racer - male, the other female, never raced). Sometimes I feel I need to be rescued from them. We lost our German Shepard a month ago to old age. If I feel I need a good run, I open the front door and let the male out. Just kidding, it's happened on two occasions and he's very hard to apprehend.